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    Misty Dodge

    SALARY: $27.52 – $29.05 Hourly
    $2,201.82 – $2,323.71 Biweekly
    $4,770.61 – $5,034.71 Monthly
    $57,247.32 – $60,416.46 Annually

    COMP. GROUP/RANGE: 16/15 or 16/17


    DEPARTMENT: Finance Department

    OPENING DATE: 09/27/19

    CLOSING DATE: 10/13/19 11:59 PM

    This is responsible professional procurement work in the Purchasing Section of the Finance Department. Work involves providing diverse centralized purchasing services to City agencies contracting for goods and services, including: determining need; ensuring that bidding processes are equitable, competitive, and in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations; evaluating proposal responses, tabulating results, determining best value, and awarding contracts; and analyzing supplier performance standards and suitability of purchased commodities and services. Under the general supervision of the Principal Accountant, work involves close attention to detail, discretion, judgment, and initiative in meeting program objectives within established parameters.

    Buyer 1
    This is entry-level procurement work. Work is characterized by judgment in the procurement of goods and services consistent with applicable standards, City policies/regulations, and state and local laws. Work is structured to provide career advancement to the Buyer 2 classification as a function of fully developed expertise.

    Buyer 2
    This is journey-level procurement work. Work involves placing emphasis on developmental procurement work incorporating qualitative standards. Work is characterized by significant independence and initiative in meeting program objectives within established parameters.

    The salary for Buyer 1 is $57,247/annually and salary for Buyer 2 is $60,416/annually. Classification at the 1 or 2 level will be determined at the time of hire and will be based on the candidate’s relevant work experience and overall qualifications.

    Please include a cover letter (2 page maximum) and resume with your application. In your cover letter, please highlight your experience related to the following:
    As this position will utilize the City’s financial software and office productivity software to perform purchasing functions, please describe your experience in each of the areas listed below (If you have not had such experience, please list any related education and training you have, and describe any similar experiences with software):
    1. Working with computerized accounting or financial software systems. Describe the modules used and your role in its function.
    2. Working with office productivity applications. Describe a spreadsheet or document you have created or substantially worked with in the past.


    Buyer 1

    Perform and coordinate procurement operations:

    Provide professional and technical assistance to city agencies in all procurement functions;
    Conduct qualitative proposal evaluations;
    Attempt to achieve cost savings for the City through various means;
    Provide analytical data for major procurement expenditures and cost savings to City management;
    Recommend disposition of surplus property and the implementation of the City’s centralized purchasing guidelines and procedures;
    Participate in the development of processes, methods, priorities, and best practice procurement standards;
    Assist in the maintenance and upgrading of the City’s ERP purchasing applications, website, and purchasing card program;
    Coordinate and assist with contract negotiation and execution.

    Perform financial transactions in MUNIS for Accounts Payable and provide Procurement support services:

    Review p-cards for proper accounting and documentation, and approve statements as warranted;
    Distribute AP checks and verify payments using reports and disbursement journals;
    Maintain Sharepoint website by uploading and maintaining contract records;
    Verify/obtain certificates of insurance for contracts;
    Contact vendors and departments to seek resolution to procurement issues;
    Schedule, coordinate, and participate in p-card training sessions;
    Maintain Purchasing Contacts and P-Card Users lists;
    Gather documentation and fulfill open records requests;
    Post and maintain documentation in Legistar, Demandstar and Vendornet software and websites.

    Provide assistance to other City agencies:

    Serve as liaison in coordinating procurement activities, policies, and procedures, and local, state, and federal regulations;
    Attend meetings to gather and convey relevant procurement information;
    Provide guidance and consultation to agency staff on an ad hoc or project basis.

    Surplus maintenance:

    Broadcast department surplus City wide;
    Arrange pickup of surplus items by SWAP;
    Enter and monitor Public Surplus items on auction sites;
    Arrange payments for purchased items;
    Pay monthly invoice from Public Surplus.

    Perform related work as required.

    Buyer 2

    Perform all work of a Buyer 1 with greater independence, professional expertise, and responsibility.

    Develop and maintain a centralized depository for bids, RFP’s and competitive quotes.

    Lead and manage activities for the City’s ERP procurement software and other subsidiary systems:

    Lead and assist professional and paraprofessional staff within the Finance Department and other agency staff in the use of computerized procurement software.
    Train, assist and guide decentralized procurement agency staff.
    Prepare supporting procurement training documentation.

    Perform related work as required.


    Six (6) months of directly related experience in purchasing/procurement activities.
    Associate’s degree in Accounting or related field such as Computer Science, Finance, Business, or Sales, and Marketing.


    Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Computer Science, Finance, Business, Sales and Marketing.

    If an applicant does not possess the specific requirements outlined above, HR will review the application materials to determine if the applicant possesses the following equivalent experience:

    Two years of experience applying the following:

    Purchasing principles, operations, and practices of procurement.
    Related budgeting and accounting principles.
    Business math.
    Office/business practices and terminology.
    English composition, correct punctuation, spelling, grammatical usage, and acceptable business letter and report formats.
    Computer software applicable to the duties of the position, including MS Word and Excel (or related software).

    The City of Madison strives to provide exceptional customer service to all its residents and visitors. Therefore successful candidates will have demonstrated ability to effectively work with multicultural communities.

    For a complete list of the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities, please see the class specification.


    Physical Requirements

    Work in this position is primarily sedentary, requiring the ability to sit/stand at a desk, work on a computer and use a monitor for extended periods of time.


    It is your responsibility to list all related jobs, correct dates of employment, average number of hours worked per week, etc. Be sure to place the complete job title on your application. If you wish to provide additional or supplemental information, please provide a resume in addition to the formal application. If you are still employed please indicate this. Failure to provide accurate and complete information may result in you not being considered for this position.

    All applicants are notified by email of the status of their application in each selection process. Those applicants invited to exams will receive an email notice of the date, time, and location. Alternate exam dates/times are not available except in the case of an emergency. Emergency situations are reviewed on an individual basis. Conflicting work hours are not considered an emergency. Exams are job specific and are developed based on the duties to be performed and the criteria listed under the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities section of the job announcement . Exam results are generally available within 2 weeks of the exam, and will be emailed or may be accessed through your NEOGOV account. Due to the volume of exams given by our office, exam scores are not available via telephone.

    As an employer, the City of Madison places a strong emphasis on customer service and strives to provide a working environment where: Engagement and equity are supported; Diversity and differing opinions are valued; Teamwork and open and honest communication are encouraged; Meeting customer needs through quality service is a common goal; Creativity is encouraged; Continuous learning and improvement is fostered. Come be a part of the team!

    215 Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd.
    MMB Rm 261
    MADISON, WI 53703
    (608) 266-4615
    Position #2019-00331
    BUYER 1 OR 2

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