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    Misty Dodge

    Finance Director/Treasurer
    Salary $109,000.00 – $153,000.00 Annually
    Location Manitowoc (City Hall), WI
    Job Type Full-time
    Department Finance
    Job Number 2022.00038

    Summary of Job

    The Finance Director/ Treasurer maintains direct control over all financial affairs, including a system of internal controls, for the City of Manitowoc, encompassing both comptroller, internal auditing, treasury and information technology functions. The Finance Director/ Treasurer shares control, in cooperation with the Human Resources Director, over the city’s risk management programs, including health, dental, vision and worker’s compensation programs. The Finance Director – Treasurer supervises a system providing for the accurate processing of all claims, receipts, disbursements, payroll, borrowing and investments for the City of Manitowoc along with the maintenance of all fiscal records and reports in an automated environment. The Finance Director – Treasurer prepares financial analysis of all financial operations for the guidance of the Mayor and Common Council. The Finance Director/Treasurer directs and coordinates the annual city budget. The Finance Director/ Treasurer reports to the Mayor and works closely with the Finance Committee of the Common Council.


    Directs and coordinates all accounting and treasury related functions including all receipts, disbursements and payroll.
    Identifies and invests idle funds and monitors all investments on behalf of the City and the Manitowoc Public Utilities.
    Responsible to maintain a system of safeguards on all city bank and investments accounts to deter fraudulent activity.
    Directs and coordinates the collection of all city revenues, including county, state, vocational district and public school district taxes.
    Formulates and prepares the annual city budget, including tax levy, TIF and related calculations.
    Coordinates all borrowing activities for the City and the Manitowoc Public Utilities.
    Responsible for the calculating, preparation, filing and mailing of approximately 15,000 real estate and personal property tax bills.
    Shares oversight of Risk Management Programs with Human Resources Director for employee benefit related programs, such as Health, Dental, Vision and Worker’s Compensation.
    Responsible for ensuring timely reporting to state and federal oversight authorities of financial reports required for grants, shared revenue, expenditure restraint program, room tax, TID districts, and Levy Limits.
    Coordinates development of the City’s Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan by critically evaluating the city’s debt posture, capital requirements, resources and financial capacity.
    Plans and develops strategies that enhance the City’s financial standing and reputation for such purposes as maximizing the City’s Bond Rating.
    Works closely with the Mayor and Common Council making recommendations on all financial matters that affect the City.
    Establishes and monitors policies and procedures to comply with local, state and federal laws.
    Acts as the Authorized Organization Representative for and
    Maintains a system of internal controls to ensure that expenditures are appropriate and do not exceed budgetary appropriations.
    Signs all contracts for the City validating that necessary funds have been provided to fund the liability incurred.
    Responsible for preparation of the annual financial report and related schedules.
    Works directly with independent auditors on preparation of audited financial statements and related audit opinion.
    Forecasts long-range cash flow requirements.
    Responsible for preparation of forward looking financial projections, including wage increases, TIF District Inventive Analysis, and Overall City Financial Position Analysis
    Meets monthly with City and Manitowoc Public Utilities Investment Advisors and annually with portfolio investment managers.
    Works closely with all departments to ensure understanding and ability to interact with the city’s automated financial environment.
    Ensures proper security measures are taken to safeguard all city assets, including “cash on hand” within the Treasurer’s office.
    Serves as city liaison to municipal lobbying and advocacy organizations.
    Involved in personnel related functions including maintaining confidential files, assisting in the administration of health insurance and deferred compensation.
    Works closely with Mayor to help promote economic development within the City.
    Involved in information gathering and analysis on issues related to the Manitowoc Public Utilities; attend MPU Commission meetings as requested.
    Serves on various boards and commissions, including the Board of Public Works.
    Keeps abreast of current financial and political trends and developments by reading pertinent publications and attending professional conferences.
    Attends all Finance Committee meetings.
    Attends regular Common Council meetings and other meetings as required (regular evening attendance required).


    Bachelor’s degree from accredited college or university with a major in accounting or finance.

    A minimum of seven (7) years’ experience in public finance administration including considerable supervisory experience.

    CPA, MBA, MPA, CPFO and/or CGFM designation(s) preferred.

    Other Requirements: No other requirements

    Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

    This position must possess comprehensive knowledge of laws and administrative policies governing municipal practices and procedures; the ability to formulate and install standard accounting methods, procedures, forms and records in an automated environment; determine appropriate nature of all financial claims against the City; prepare informative financial reports and annual budgets; and the ability to recommend operational modifications. This position must also possess thorough knowledge of investment options and opportunities; thorough knowledge of borrowing options and opportunities; the ability to plan, organize and direct work of subordinate employees in the specialty fields of payroll, accounting, auditing and finance; establish harmonious working relationships with other department heads and governmental officials; and display initiative, integrity and good professional judgment.

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