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    Carol Blackmore

    POSITION TITLE: Director of Finance
    LOCATION: Finance
    HIRING RANGE: $101,138 – $111,506/Yr.
    STATUS: Full time
    WORK HOURS: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
    APPLICATION DEADLINE: Recruitment will be ongoing
    Current Winnebago County employees interested in applying for this position will need to complete the Winnebago
    County Application for Departmental Transfer/Position Change form. Other parties interested in applying for this
    position will need to complete the Winnebago County Application for Employment.
    June 2022
    POSITION TITLE: Director of Finance
    DEPARTMENT: Finance
    PAY BASIS: Salaried
    This is a senior financial position which provides the overall development, coordination and
    management of all financial and fiscal functions of the County, including accounting, budgeting,
    purchasing, investment, capital improvement planning, bonding, and internal auditing.
    1. Analyzes, interprets and reviews all County financial reports and studies of various fund
    revenues, expenditures, assets, liabilities and equities. Assures that data is appropriate,
    reasonable and properly classified. Follows up with departments where issues with
    financial information are discovered.
    2. Responsible for analyzing County cash flow needs and investing funds in a manner to
    maximize safety and obtain the best possible return on investment. Assures that
    sufficient funds are available to meet the daily cash needs of the County.
    3. Organizes, distributes, and delegates work fairly and impartially. Provides clear and
    appropriate direction to employees. Provides training and coaching to develop
    employee capabilities. Ensures that staff has the resources and flexibility to perform,
    improve, and learn in their jobs. Keeps open communication with employees, listens to
    them, and provides feedback. Positively motivates, mentors, and leads employees.
    Provides appropriate and timely performance evaluations for staff as assigned.
    1. Oversees preparation of the annual budget, delegates portions to staff, directs outside
    departments as to timing of budget preparation, works with County Executive to arrive at
    final budget proposal, assures that the budget document is completed and information
    contained therein is reasonable and accurate.
    2. Develops the 5-year Capital Improvements Plan annually and coordinates funding of
    capital projects through bonding.
    3. Provides professional advice to the County Executive, Personnel and Finance
    Committee, and the County Board regarding the County’s financial status, and
    recommends future courses of action.
    4. Determines and coordinates, maintains, and reviews all existing and proposed financial
    and accounting systems of the County to ensure sound financial operation and reporting.
    5. Develops and recommends long-range fiscal programs and financial systems; reviews
    and coordinates the development of information systems and programs in line with
    County policy and future needs.
    6. Conducts or directs internal financial, compliance and program audits.
    7. Reports on a regular basis the financial status of the County, highlighting trends and
    unanticipated variances in expenditures and revenues and presents recommendations.
    8. Coordinates all activities related to bond issues and investing of county funds.
    9. Performs other related duties as assigned.
    1. Reports to County Executive and Director of Administration.
    2. Supervises Assistant Finance Director and Budget Manager.
    3. Works with all department heads – pertaining to reviews of their financial data, assisting
    them through the budget transfer process, preparation of their annual budgets and
    capital improvement planning.
    1. Bachelor’s degree or higher with a major in Accounting, Finance, Business
    Administration, or Public Administration.
    2. CPA preferred.
    3. A minimum of seven year’s work experience performing related duties, including
    substantial experience in government accounting and budgeting.
    4. Current valid Wisconsin driver’s license.
    1. Knowledge of computerized accounting systems.
    2. Ability to apply logic and reasoning to analyzing various financial data and coming up
    with conclusions, corrections and revisions.
    3. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other including
    subordinates, department heads, elected officials and the general public and press.
    4. Strong written and verbal communication skills including listening skills.
    5. Computer skills including extensive experience with Microsoft Office applications and
    ability to learn and use various other software such as Adobe PDF.
    6. Thorough knowledge of the principles and procedures of governmental accounting,
    budgeting, auditing and fiscal management.
    7. Knowledge of the laws and regulations applicable to County financial responsibilities.
    8. Ability to apply established principles, theories, techniques and methodology to a variety
    of financial matters.
    1. Ability to perform most work from a sedentary position.
    2. Ability to function in situations encountered in a normal office setting.
    3. Ability to use standard office equipment including telephone, computer, printer,
    photocopier, and scanner.
    4. Ability to travel to other County departments and locations. Some overnight travel is
    required to attend governmental accounting conferences around the state.

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