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    Catherine Schmit

    This is a professional, confidential, non-union position. It is under the general supervision of the County Administrator. The individual in this position performs a variety of complex accounting, auditing, and financial management responsibilities, as delegated by the County Administrator. This position serves as the primary Financial Manager for the County. Responsible for highly classified and confidential data including, but not limited, to payroll and personnel information. Assists the County Administrator in development of the annual budget and process. Responsible for preparation of and suitable outcome of financial and cost allocation audits. Prepares and presents financial statements, related schedules, and reports for the County.
    HOURLY STARTING PAY: $21.64 to $27.05
    • Coordinate and oversee all departmental financial functions and reporting in coordination with designated staff and Department Director(s). Prepare and submit financial and statistical reports and surveys required for compliance with state and federal programs for County Board, Committee, and audit review.
    • Development, management, and enforcement of County’s annual budget by providing direct budgetary/performance financial analysis, forecasts and trending information to Department Director(s). Coordinate with county departments and County Administrator on aspects of budget process, development, and policy enforcement.
    • Conduct monthly/annual reconciliations as required. Monitor the financial status of the county. Prepare any year-end accruals, budgetary adjustments, and/or budget addendums as required. Monitor general operations to assure compliance with applicable laws, administrative directives, programs, and policy requirements.
    • Provide managers and staff with fiscal information to aid in program development and management in a timely and professional manner.
    • Direct the county’s annual audit process with the county auditing firm under the direction of the County Administrator.
    • Recognize areas of county fiscal operations that are inefficient and develop new policies and procedures or recommend system design changes to promote efficiency.
    • Establish provisions for the review of county operations and transitions that audit for and mitigate the risk for fraud.
    • Process and audit invoices and credit card transactions for payment, identifying any transactions that are noncompliant with policy, fraudulent, or otherwise outside the norm of county operations.
    • Prepare and process journal entries for all departments
    • Perform such payroll processing and personnel systems duties as may be assigned by the County Administrator.
    • Assist in the development and management of the county’s internal management/data/financial systems and their coordination with the State and any other required outside systems.
    • Attend local, regional, and state meetings, trainings, and conferences beneficial to the financial operations of the agency.
    • Develop and recommend for adoption various financial policies and internal control initiatives that protect county financial interests and prevent opportunities for fraud.
    • Perform other duties as assigned by the County Administrator.

    Knowledge of general ledger accounting procedures. Computer familiarity and operational skills including Excel spreadsheets and other related software. Written, oral and interpersonal skills. Skill in researching, analyzing, interpreting, and understanding complex guidelines such as financial, billing, accounts payable, payroll, and audit requirements. Ability to facilitate a team environment and make decisions to meet required timelines. Ability to manage and prioritize diverse work responsibilities and develop organizational practices and procedures. Ability to promote a harmonious relationship with others, including, but not limited to, outside agencies, and county departments. Ability to perform duties and follow policies and procedures independent of direct supervision.

    EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting OR an Associate Degree in Accounting with five or more years of relevant experience is required.

    EXPERIENCE / JOB KNOWLEDGE: Experience in financial management, including governmental, audit, grants and general ledger accounting is required.

    PHYSICAL DEMANDS: About 80% of the time is spent in sedentary work activities in an office environment using computer equipment as well as other office machines. 15% of the time is spent moving between offices, attending state and regional meetings, trainings and conferences. 5% of the time is spent in low lifting activities (up to 10 pounds) or kneeling, climbing, bending/twisting, reaching, and low to medium carrying. In unusual or non-routine situations, it may be required to stoop, crawl, run, swim, grapple, climb, and medium lifting (20-40 pounds).

    This is a public service position, and employee is required to be courteous, cooperative and respectful at all times with the public and clients; also establishes and maintains a courteous and cooperative and respectful working relationship with other employees, supervisors and public officials.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Green Lake County Human Resources Coordinator at 920-294-4166.

    Please apply using the following link:

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