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    Portage County is currently seeking candidates to fulfill the current term for the elected position of Treasurer. The current term expires January 3, 2021. Per Wis. Stats. 17.21(3) the position shall be filled by appointment by the county board for the residue of the unexpired term.
    Duties of the Position: The duties for the position of Treasurer are outlined in Wis. Stats. 59.25 (3) which includes receiving all monies from all sources belonging to the county, such as real estate taxes, state and federal aids, credits, grants and fees for services provided. The treasurer’s office pays out all monies belonging to the county on the order of the county board, including disbursement for expenses incurred, debt payment, and the county’s payroll.
    The functions of the position include duties related to:
    Cash Management
    • Keep a true and correct account of all receipts and expenditures
    • Reconcile bank accounts
    • Maintain balances in bank accounts
    • Report and publish unclaimed funds
    • Maintain collateral, insurance, or other to secure all county funds
    • Negotiate and seek highest interest rates following Wisconsin State Statutes and county investment policy
    • Determine and maintain cash flow and determine excess funds to maximize earnings
    • Prepare financial reports for the finance committee/county board
    Receipting & Disbursements
    • Prepare and disburse all county settlements with taxing jurisdictions
    • Receipt and deposit all county monies including property tax collection
    • Pay out all monies belonging to the county, imprint signatures, and distribute by mail or electronically all disbursements, including payrolls for all county employees
    • Prepare, file, and pay sales and use tax
    • Forward fines and forfeitures, court fees, real estate transfer fees, and Wisconsin Land Information Program (WLIP) recording fees to the appropriate state department
    • Forward probate and vital records fees to the state

    • Assist local municipal treasurers with January and February tax settlements
    • Furnish complete and balanced tax settlement reports to the Department of Revenue by March 15
    • Settle with all taxing jurisdictions in August for all taxes collected and uncollected
    • Maintain records of all paid and delinquent taxes
    • Process personal property chargebacks and assessor error chargebacks
    • Prepare and mail delinquent tax notices
    • Issue tax certificates to parcels with unpaid taxes September 1 each year
    • Prepare and maintain tax sale book
    • Administer the lottery and gaming credits for both real and personal property
    • Administer the first dollar credit
    • Administer the ag-use conversion charge
    • Maintain records of property owners in bankruptcy
    • Process tax deeds or assist county clerk with the same
    • Collect tax payments for municipalities as contracted
    • Research tax and property information for the public upon request

    These are duties specific to Portage County:
    • Prepare and monitor yearly budget for the office
    • Plan and direct the operation of the Treasurer’s Office.
    • Supervise, direct, and evaluate staff.
    • Formulate office policies and procedures establishing and maintaining effective internal control and best practices.

    Portage County offers a robust benefit package for this position. Benefits include;
    • State of Wisconsin Retirement Plan
    • Health insurance- your choice of two health plans- (Health Savings Account associated with the High Deductible Health Plan with a County contribution)
    • Sick leave
    • Flexible spending account
    • Life insurance- premium paid by the County
    • Long term disability insurance- premium paid by the County
    • Dental insurance
    • 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan
    Salary: $66,857 for 2018, $67,860 for 2019, and $68,878 for 2020
    To be considered for appointment interested parties can apply on the Portage County website; http://www.co.portage.wi.us, or with a paper application that can be obtained in the Human Resources Department, 1462 Strongs Ave., Stevens Point, WI or by calling 715-346-1327.

    The person selected must be a Portage County resident at the time of appointment.
    Deadline to apply: 4:30 p.m., Thursday, December 20, 2018.

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