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    Misty Dodge

    Sheboygan County
    JOB POSTING #2019-23

    Accounting Manager

    Department: Finance
    Position: Accounting Manager
    Salary Range: $29.92/hr. to $45.89/hr. based on qualifications
    Status: Full Time

    Directs and coordinates the overall business practices of the Health and Human Services Department including planning, organizing and controlling financial and accounting functions and supervision of accounting personnel and oversees, plans, designs, manages, facilitates and implements accounting, computer and other systems and programs for various department projects. Accountable for the administration of a system of financial and information system operations which will provide financial planning, accurate controls, and timely information to the Health and Human Services Director, Managers and the Health and Human Services Board to deliver health and human services in a cost efficient manner.

    Plans, develops, administers and evaluates a coordinated business plan for the Department that takes into account state and federal program regulations, pronouncements of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

    Supervises and provides direction to Accounting personnel to assure a high quality of services and to monitor performance in relation to goals and objectives. Supervises and directs the preparation of all department, county, state and federal financial and data reports, budgets, financial analysis and studies of revenues, expenditures, assets, liabilities and fund balance. Assists the Managers and Supervisors in projecting needs and preparing annual budgets.

    Oversees the development of consistent accounting practices to the overall county financial systems, and implements financial policy established by the County Finance Department. Oversees both immediate and long-range information and fiscal systems needs of the Health and Human Services Department to ensure these needs are defined and implemented on schedule.

    Ensures compliance with accounting and auditing principles and methods and their application to governmental accounting systems. Directs the development and maintenance of written policies and procedures relevant to the accounting and information systems needs of the Health and Human Services Department. Interprets and implements pronouncements of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

    Provides analyses and interpretations of financial and accounting data. Interprets and applies laws and principles as defined in Wisconsin State Statutes and accounting literature as applicable to Health and Human Services and county policies. Provides advice to the Health and Human Services Management Team to the extent necessary to insure effective administration and implementation of approved fiscal and informational systems pertaining to, policies, plans and programs.

    Directs and coordinates independent program, compliance and performance audits to review effectiveness of controls, financial records and operations. Develops, administers and coordinates a department-wide financial/collections system to ensure efficient and proper collections activity.

    Reports to the Finance Director and Health and Human Services Management Team on the financial condition of the Health and Human Services Department. Notifies the Director and appropriate Manager of any budget concerns and prepares the monthly reports.

    Manages major information system development projects within the Health and Human Services Department, in collaboration with the Information Systems Department and other departments, to insure integration of program, fiscal and data systems. Implements Information Systems policy established by the Information Systems Department. Assists the Information Systems and Finance Departments in the development of and planning for new technology projects that will impact on the Health and Human Services Department. Recommends the replacement or modification of computer software and hardware to improve efficiency and maintains an inventory of all hardware to assist in replacement of equipment.

    Coordinates with the Software Administrator for the Health and Human Services Department and assists in the evaluation and oversight of existing systems and makes modifications when changes are needed. Serves as the Health and Human Services Department HIPAA Security Officer and works in cooperation with the County HIPAA Security and Privacy Officers to ensure compliance with HIPAA security regulations.

    Assists in contract negotiations with outside vendors to secure appropriate services, equipment and programs. Participates in the development of the financial aspect of the contract process with specific focus on rate setting, on procedures for financial transactions, and on monitoring of compliance. Recommends courses of action regarding the contract. Manages the actual annual and ongoing contract process for the Department.

    Assists with and participates in grant writing for the Department and in the development of Request for Proposals and Requests for Information, including but not limited to establishing and applying procedures dealing with the application process and distribution of grant funds consistent with the grant requirements.

    Responsible for hiring, promotion, discipline, discharge and performance appraisal of accounting employees; under direction of the Health and Human Services Director. Performs other duties as may be assigned.

    Bachelor’s degree in accounting with five years progressive experience; or associate degree in accounting with seven years accounting experience; or any equivalent combination of education, training and experience which provides the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities. Experience with Health and Human Services programs preferred. Experience in Governmental Accounting a plus. Minimum of two years supervisory experience. Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office products, including Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint. Strong leadership abilities and interpersonal skills and abilities to express ideas in a clear and concise fashion, and display effective problem solving techniques.

    Knowledge of accounting and auditing principles and methods and their application to governmental accounting and information systems especially as it relates to Health and Human Services programs and functions and the ability to determine violations and non-compliance, to detect and explain significant accounting irregularities, to recognize database and programming logic errors, and to recommend effective corrective measures. Thorough understanding of the principals of governmental financial reporting, budgeting, and federal and state requirements pertaining to financial issues, internal and/or procedural controls. Ability to deal with sensitive data in a confidential manner. Ability to maintain a high level of discretion and integrity. Ability to comprehend , convey, and comply with federal, state, and county regulations and accounting standards. Ability to keep up-to-date on the financial impact and information system needs due to changing state and federal legislation and agency actions. Ability to analyze and interpret complex financial data and reports.

    Training and practical experience in communications protocols. Ability to work a flexible schedule as necessary. Desire and the ability to engage in continuing education and skills upgrading. Thorough knowledge of current computer client server equipment and terminology. Ability to communicate effectively internally as well as externally to clients of services and outside third parties to resolve problems including establishing and maintaining excellent working relationships with other employees and the public as well as strong public speaking skills. Ability to be resourceful in solving complex problems and recommending changes in procedures. Ability to plan and coordinate short and long-range projects designed to improve fiscal and information systems and procedures.

    Applications will be accepted through 5:00 p.m. March 28, 2019.

    508 New York Avenue
    SHEBOYGAN, WI 53081

    Internal applicants: Please reference the above job posting number and position when submitting your internal application for employment which is located on the Sheboygan County shared drive/Sheboygan County/Human Resources/Forms/Internal Application for Employment

    Sheboygan County would like to accommodate you if you are disabled. Please let us know if you are disabled and need special assistance. Contact Sheboygan County Human Resources Office at (920) 459-3105, at least 24 hours in advance of appointment, so we can try to make arrangements for you.



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