Active Members 2024

All public officials or employees employed by a governmental entity, Technical College, or University within the State of Wisconsin are eligible for Active Membership.

  • Annual Active Member Dues  – $25
  • Active Membership Dues –  Online Payment with Credit Card (Only Visa and Master Card are accepted)

Corporate Associate Members 2024

Other persons working for a company or non-governmental entity who are interested in the principles or practice of governmental accounting or public finance.

  • Annual Corporate Associate Member Dues:
    • $100 per Company (includes one individual membership)
    • $25 for each additional membership.
  • Corporate Associate Membership Dues – Online Payment with Credit Card (only Visa and Master Card are accepted)

Honorary Members 2023

Honorary Membership Application 2024

Honorary membership is intended for individuals who have retired from their primary career within the Wisconsin government finance industry. Individuals may apply for honorary membership with the WGFOA Executive Board upon meeting the following three criteria:

  1. Twenty (20) years of service within the State of Wisconsin at a governmental agency as a public finance officer and/or at a private business as a government finance professional;
  2. fifteen (15) years of membership in the WGFOA;
  3. and has held the position of a WGFOA Officer or Board Member.

The Executive Board may waive or adjust the criteria within the general intent of the criteria. Honorary members will be entitled to a waiver of the annual membership dues and meeting registration fees.

Membership Directory 2023